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Abstract or Summary of Project

“FAM (ILY)” seeks to rediscover the intangible love languages through visualization. The strained parent-child relationship is often attributed to the communicative differences arise due to heavy biases and a different in perspective, due to the differing sociological, psychological and economical standpoints. Whilst these differences, stark as they might be, I believe that such a gap may be bridged if both parties learn to understand each other better. Often, both parent and child are unable to look past their roles in their relationship and overlook their individualistic characteristics and needs. Parents are viewed to be playing the leading role in the relationship. Yet in my opinion, the child should be participating in this relationship actively as well. We understand the use of love languages with our lovers. But what about the relationship with our parents? And what about their own love languages? My project aims to present the nuances of the parent-child by actualizing the 5 love languages through documentation. Using design to actualize love languages, I hope to raise awareness of these nuances in the parents-child relationship, to create a more harmonious bond.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

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May 2, 2019