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Kembali Ke Pangkal Jalan

Abstract or Summary of Project

‘Kembali Ke Pangkal Jalan’ (Going Back to the Right Path; working title) is a mixed media installation that highlights the trauma queer Malays face when negotiating their identity pertaining to culture and Islam, both major facets in forging the Malay identity.

The title is an oft-used phrase by non-queer Malays attempting to bring queer Malays back to the “right path” but this path is usually a one-way road where queer voices are subverted. This installation gives agency to queer voices through visuals and sound, and for non-queer Malays to understand and empathise the trauma their queer peers are facing, in order to create a pathway towards healing and understanding.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)