Magical Portals: Connecting With Imaginary Worlds

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Magical Portals: Connecting With Imaginary Worlds

Abstract or Summary of Project

What happens to our innate creativity when we age? How can we, as creative as possible, help young adults tap into their more imaginative selves?

Process and More Details

Magical Portals: Connecting with Imaginary Worlds is an interactive augmented reality experience inspired by a combination of fantasy theme and imaginary worlds. While the animated illustrations give us a glimpse into parallel worlds, viewers can share these exciting experiences and reconnect with their inner-childlike nature. Using a common technology such as an iPad as the magical portal, this project will attempt to connect the viewers’ everyday mundane lives with imaginary worlds.

Printed materials: A2 digital prints, Wall prints – L-1.2m x 1.8m x 1.2m x H-2.3m

Motion graphics animations: 2 videos, 74sec and 44secs

URL(s) of Video or Trailer

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)
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