Abstract or Summary of Project


In today’s modern society, we have long forgotten about the importance of the moon in our lives and how it affects life on Earth. MOONDAYS is conceptualised with the idea of balancing the self to nature and understanding the intimate relationship we humans have with the moon, our personal planet.

Process and More Details

Water is a life giver. It sustains life and is essential. It is our fluid of eternal life.

The nectar of immortal life is said to exist in the ocean of milk, found in the eternal supreme abode of Krishna. Immortality have long been searched for by many but does it really exist? The act of churning the milk ocean is like yin and yang — a harmony. When harmony is reached, enlightenment is said to been achieved.

To reach enlightenment, or moksha, is through the practice of yoga. Focusing on Hatha yoga, it refers to the two opposite currents, the sun and moon, that regulate all processes in our body. It is thought that by perfecting the body, creating a healthy physical condition, and raising the Kundalini upwards along the spine, the body becomes better prepared for yogic awakening.

The sun and moon is significant in the Hindu calendar as well. The Hindu calendar is a lunisolar calendar which is based on the moon’s celestial motion, whose date indicates both the moon phase and time of the solar year. The moon plays an important part as people uses the lunar phase for directions in life.


  • Belly Band
  • Manual
  • Moon Calendar
  • Mobile Application


Built with three discs, the circular shapes refers to the relationship between the moon and us. The disc with the days of the month and moon phases refers to the moon and the smallest disc in the center refers to us. The act of turning the disc recreates the idea of the moon orbiting around us.

Divided into 4 main phases – new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter. Each phase lasts about 4-5 days. The first quarter and last quarter lasts about 9 days since it comprises the waxing to waning crescent/gibbous.

Translating the research on different moon phases and their effects on us, I’ve created a chart that shows the levels of creativity, emotion, health, and vitality for the four main moon phases. The user is supposed to rotate the disc once a month so the date of the new moon coincides with the new moon on the disc.

This serves as a decoration piece at home and is targeted at young couples with a modern lifestyle.


MOONDAYS is literally translated from 月日 (which can also mean month and days). 月, MONTH/MOON and 日, DAYS. The logo is designed with the idea of using simple shapes as the Chinese language is based on pictorials.

The text is removed for the logo on the moon calendar so that when it rotates, the logo can be read as 月 too.


The belly band and manual includes a die cut of the moon phases. When aligned properly with the manual, the silver moon phases inside the manual will be revealed. The shiny silver ink is to depict the moon reflecting light from the sun.

The manual includes a short information about the calendar, and a year 2015 calendar with moon phases so the user is able to rotate the disc with the help of this small little guide. This manual is also designed to fit into the center of the moon calendar.


A mobile application is created so users can organise their live with the MOONDAYS app which includes a simplified version of the moon calendar. The application features a daily overview page, information of the moon for the particular day, charts of the moon phase, a calendar, and a task list.

Colours for the application is chosen to represent balance and stability that ties in with the concept of balancing the self with nature. The visuals are kept clean and simple to match the look of the physical calendar.

Final Thoughts

This project have made me look at things differently. It is amazing how our Earth, and life, works in mysterious ways, and our close relationship to the moon (its not just there for nothing!) I’ve learnt to put more thought into my design process, as every single detail do have to mean something and its not just because you like it this way.

One of the major problems I encountered was the execution part for the calendar. It is tough when there’s limited laser cut machines and your design is complex. The crafting side was compromised since this is my first time dealing with wood. However, I did enjoy the whole process and seeing my designs come alive (into a workable deco piece).


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March 27, 2015

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