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Abstract or Summary of Project

MYO, also known as Make Your Own.
MYO started off with the meaning of water. Based on Chinese belief, the thought of water with the mix of pomegranate are used as a form of spiritual cleansing and warding off evil spirits after attending events of the dead. With the leaves infused with water, it acts as a purifying ritual after attending to such places.

Why Pomegranate?
Due to pomegranate’s bright vibrant red auspicious color and favorable usage of all parts of this plant, it is considered a good luck fruit which represents happiness and repels evil spirits.

Process and More Details


The idea to merge water and pomegranate together started off with this question:
“I know about this form of water ritual through my mother because it was a form of superstition act after we attend wakes and any other funerary event. Will this ideology be lost if we did not pass down to the next generation? If we want to, how can we pass this water and pomegranate superstition concept down to generations in the modern society? How can I bring the form of superstition into modern context?”

The concept of MYO is based on putting water and pomegranate together in form of jewelry. To make a gift for yourself or your loved ones to ward off evil around them is a form of love and care. Set up with the thought of superstition and future generations, MYO aims to target the future generation in learning the ways of Chinese beliefs and the idea of cleansing with pomegranate leaves or anything related.

Why Make Your Own?
Instead of creating stock jewelries, the idea of crystals is about having it relevant to self. Crystals are healing stones which acts as a form of aid to health aspects.

 Topic: Water

Superstition: Pomegranate
Jewelry in relation to Water: Crystal, in Chinese 水晶 (direct translation is Water Crystallized)
Crystal in relation to Pomegranate: Garnet, in Chinese 石榴石 (direct translation is Pomegranate crystal)
Target Audience: People who has the mindset to buy crystals naturally has a superstition mindset


5 x MYO Jewelry Collection Sets
1 x Website
1 x Multi-Use Jewelry Box Packaging


1 | Jewelry

As you can see from the flow chart above, I started off by drawing five different collections of crystal jewelry sets. Each sets look very different from one another and I decided to embody each concept into a single entity by linking each collection together with the next one to form a complete story line of why this whole MYO collection comes together as a whole system.

All the pieces are made with Swarovski crystals and beads with nickel free gold or silver chain attached. The authenticity of the crystals ties with the concept of purity of water. The difficulty of this part is the making of the collections. One collection has 3 pieces – Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings. For this project, I have created a gold and silver version. Therefore each collection has 6 pieces. 3 pieces are attached with gold chains, 3 pieces are attached with silver chains. This is to show the abundance of variety that the online customers are able to choose from the website, again, back to the concept of pomegranate – abundance.

2 | Website


These sections took me quite a long time as I have to change the layout based on hierarchy. Like for the description on the pop-up window, the hierarchy may not be the item’s name anymore but instead are the price and selections of it.

The contact page has space for all types of questions. Once send button is clicked, the message will be sent to the respective email. In this case, my email. I have made the typed words white and the fields that are not typed, are a little transparent, to differentiate the fields whether they are already filled or not. For the FAQ page, it contains most of the necessary information such as shipping and return exchanges. This page is added to boost customers’ loyalty and trust in the company itself.

The cart can be found on the top right hand corner of the website. The color of the font and scheme is to give a very subtle, gentle yet modern context to match the idea of passing superstitious ideology down.

For the process page, which is under Blog, contains the whole process on who, what, where, when and how I got all my supplies.

I started doing a workable website by using Wix, a free website hosting page. But the layout, font, colour and everything has to be done on my own. How it works is that, I did all the artwork that I want on Illustrator; such as the logo, colour scheme and how it matches with the jewelries I have made. Then I add them all into the Wix editor, connect all the buttons and link up all the pages. The drop down bars as you can see, have mouseover effects and colors. Once again, the colors are chosen from Illustrator palette after the logo is done. The whole website color scheme ties together with the logo.

3 | Packaging

Finally, the packaging is a nerve wrecking process because I want to have a multi-usage jewelry box. The reason for this is because while doing market research, I saw a lot of different shapes and sizes of jewelry boxes made to cater different type of jewelry. However, my concept is not to make things “pretty” but also future generations. Which means, lesser waste and more recycled and efficient use of materials. Therefore, I came up with the idea of one size fits three different types of jewelry – necklace, bracelet, earrings. This is done by making use of the sponge inside the box. The way I cut it, is able to divide them into different sections and fits all three types separately, one at a time.

As shown, the earrings had two vertical cuts from the top. And the cuts for the earrings are longer than the ones in the market due to the nature of MYO jewelry – earrings are longer and I have to fit into the selected space within the sponge. Therefore I extend the length of the starting point to put in for the earrings. The bracelet has a center cut to hold the chain and this cut also serve as a good use for holding the pendant of the necklace in place. The bracelet also has two horizontal cuts on the left and right side of the sponge to hold the whole piece of bracelet in place. The necklace cut is on the opposite side of the sponge, rotated, fully made use of this non-biodegradable item to hold three different types of jewelry. This process is a tricky one because I have to think of ways to do this well in a single sponge block.

Last but not least, the cover of the box. I had the unique part of the logo embossed. The “Y” is a representation for neckline. This is a reminder for the designer to remember that I started off this brand by drawing the idea of making necklaces. The little water drop at the bottom encompass three things: pendant, water, pomegranate. The looks itself as a pendant is straightforward upon first glance. The abstract shape that is created is a water drop from far but if you look closer, the tip of the drop is a horizontal cut and not pointed. This is the shape of a pomegranate seed.


This project is very much based on the concept and the days I spent in the shop being an apprentice is tough but a great experience.
The most difficult part of this project is the sourcing of materials such as the individual beads, chains, connectors, jewelry wires, hooks and many more. A piece of jewelry may look easy to make. However, the process of making is an in depth knowledge. I have met great people along the way such as the uncle who taught me how to bend the 9-pin and T-pin connectors. Although small, but a crucial step as something so small is actually used on every single piece in the MYO collection!

One of the difficulties I had stumbled along the way is the use of different types of chains. For the gold chain, I used a smaller oval rolo chain. For the silver chain, I used a bigger circular rolo chain. The different type of chains evokes a different feel from all the collection and each piece stands out on its own, looking random and out of the place. I could not find the same type of chain from the same uncle beading shop because he ran out of stock for the silver one and I have to seek many other bead shops, getting connections from one another to get the exact type of chains. I am happy that this journey had brought me from someone who cannot even bend a wire to someone who can make so many pieces of jewelry.


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March 27, 2015

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