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Needled Blessings

Abstract or Summary of Project

The monk starts chanting, the wearer sits in a meditating position, the metre-long needle penetrates the skin rhythmically, the sesame oil flows into the body, the painful experience of the threading of the skin, the process translates into a protective charm.

Needled Blessings – the sacred and invisible article for the body.


Process and More Details

description of the project

‘Needled Blessings’ consists of 3 stages – the needles, the inking and the blessings. A poem is written specifically to translate the traditional tattooing process experienced by the wearer.

the needles

The invisible lines are connected from the walls of the space. With the ground sensor, the music starts when a visitor walks into the space. The first four lines of the poem are projected on the ground. The wearer sits in his meditating position, the tattooing process starts. The words of the poem enhances the spatial experience of the art installation.

the inking

The needle pierces into the skin rhythmically. The invisible lines continue to lead the visitor forward. The audio releases the painful moans and groans of the wearer. The poem continues to be projected on the ground, and invites the visitor into the space. The piercings continue, the moans grow louder, the wearer goes into a trance stage. The chant increases in its volume and power to tame the pain. The inking carries on, the process gathers the energy of the unknown.

the blessings

Projected typography and the audio continue to draw the visitor forward. The pain is tamed, the wearer goes into a meditation stage. The visitor follows the tattooing process. Before him, he sees the board of needles with all the invisible lines. The cosmic energy of the unknown is transferred from the invisible lines into the indelible pattern of the tattoo. The attire of the blessings sinks into the veins of life. When the visitor stands in front of the board, the sensor activates another video projection (refer to video projection of the veins of life below) onto the needled board.

deliverables of the project

The following design deliverables are chosen to work on specifically to serve as a proposal for the art installation. The purpose of creating invitation card, poster and CD-Cover designs is for possible marketing efforts. The Walk-through Video serves to present the spatial design of the exhibition and the experience of the visitor, with projections activated by the motion sensors on the ground. All designs serve to convey the essence of the art installation. With light, the red threads convey the fluid veins of life. With perforations, the mark on the skin is emphasized. With the process, the blessings of the tattoo flows into the body.


(a) Invitation Card
(b) Poster Design

art installation

(a) Needled Board
(b) Walk-Through Video
(c) Sound Design
(d) Poem for Projection of Typography
(e) Video Projection of the Veins of Life


The same poster, taken without (top) and with light(bottom). Red threads are used to retain the organic flow of the blessings of the tattoo.

art installation

The art installation includes projected typography on the ground translating the poem,  the design of the spatial experience, a needled board with invisible lines connecting the needles to the walls, an audio piece and a video projection. The sound design is included in the video. Because the corridor is narrow and it can accommodate no more than 2 people per entry. Hence, the spatial experience of the art installation is well controlled and managed by motion sensors on the ground. (Refer to walk-through video for a visual understanding of proposed experience.)


The illuminations of light wear an air
The invisible chords weave an energy
The audible lines interlace emotions
The drawings of threads knit a tradition

Behind this tradition, lies a belief
Behind this belief, lies a significance

The strong pulsations carry a rhythm
The perforations of skin bear good wishes
The notes of pain lace the sufferings
The chant and pain cloth a protection

The rhythm of piercing treadles with force
Lip clasps, teeth grits, the pain pierces into the soul
The wearer struggles insistently with aching moans
The process gathers the energy of the unknown

The repetition of chant strings into a veil
The endurance of the pain stitches in potence
The invisible ink marks with indelible patterns
The practice of the tradition threads the skin

An attire of blessings, an attire of tradition
An attire of protection sinks into the veins of life
Behind this tradition, lies a belief
Behind this belief, lies a significance


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March 25, 2015