Peek Pocket

Abstract or Summary of Project

Peek Pocket is a showcase of 28 wallets from different personalities from the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University for viewers to draw their own conclusions based on their first impressions when they encounter these individuals through their mini collections in their wallets.

Process and More Details

A wallet is a collection of paraphernalia sometimes ever-changing, sometimes holding on to items that remain even after the passing of time. Typically used for holding money, in today’s day and age, the wallet has grown to become more than a necessity for the storage of money. It has also become a style statement on the outside, yet still a personal collection on the inside, containing things like photos of loved ones or even medication. The wallet is also telling of a person’s lifestyle habits through the places they patronize or the memberships they own. The wallet does in a way, then becomes a portrait of a person, the exterior of a wallet, being the outward appearance of a person, changeable by dressing  based on how the person wants himself to be perceived. On the other hand, the interior of a wallet, holding a collection of things which cannot really be controlled such as the amount of money inside, the number of credit cards and membership cards which would be telling of who the person is to a large extent. The way the items are arranged and what is inside also tells of the personality of a person.


Posted on

March 30, 2015

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