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Abstract or Summary of Project

It is vital that young children are constantly able to partake in interactive traditional play in their early childhood to nurture their motor (fine and gross), cognitive, emotional, social, and communicative skills and developmental domains, which can be achieved from engaging in their distinct play pattern: role-playing.

Playscapes is a set of mutable furniture designed for use in small homes that can be repurposed to form many permutations of archetypes or scenarios for young children to utilise and partake in their imaginative world of make-believe through role-playing. The set contains 2 stools, 1 table and 5 panel dividers (3 designs: spots, bars, stripes).

Furniture toys are another scale of architecture. They will allow the child to experience their role-play as part of their environment while allowing existing toys to be repurposed in Playscapes to enhance their role-play. The set of furniture is made entirely out of wood hence is 100% recyclable.

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