Reconstructing The Deconstructed

Abstract or Summary of Project

Reconstructing The Deconstructed is a project fusing Visual Communication and Interior Design. The core study of this project is about the understanding of Information Visualization on a whole new level, using 3-dimensional forms and possibly, into 4-dimension. It is a site- specific project where the school of Arts, Design & Media’s (ADM) bridge was chosen to hold the installation.

Process and More Details

Using science as a subject to deconstruct information, this project investigates the methodology of expressing scientific definition of plants through visuals. Narrowing down to botany studies, the visuals that were created are visual definitions, which can possibly be used to define other botanical specimen. In this case however, a Lilium Candidum was chosen to be the main study to showcase on how the various methodologies are utilized.

The analysis of 3D visualization will then be the foundation of the spatial aspect of the installation that will provide users with an experience that embodies the physicality. This project is an attempt to create a system on how science could be conveyed through visuals, which will then be exhibited through space.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)
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