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Abstract or Summary of Project

This book will incorporate the teachings of the human anatomy in terms of logic and in terms of philosophy. The system of the book was taken inspiration from a phrase from Timaeus & Critias where it stated that “The body of heaven is visible, but the soul is invisible, and partakes of reason and harmony, and being made by the best of intellectual and everlasting natures, is the best of things created“. Taking the concept of body and soul, the book will focus on understanding some parts of the human anatomy in a biological view and in a more metaphorical view.

Process and More Details


Water is a source of life. It is clear that no one could survive without water. But I question myself, what is ‘life’? Why is water a source of ‘life’? Many explorations and research were made and the use of water ranges from utility, harvesting to worshipping. The term ‘life’ in that phrase did not only direct towards our daily realm we are living in currently. It expands to the heavenly world, to the world of God and beliefs. It then occurred to me that water is such a beautiful element that it stands as a symbol of the two worlds; heaven and earth. What is the difference between cleaning and cleansing?

Being a believer of God, I personally felt that there is a beauty in understanding the metaphysical reasons behind everything. Not everything can be explained in logic or science. Some things can only be understood through emotions and feelings. Timaeus and Critias, a dialogue between Greek Philosophers, touched on the existence of man kind and on reasonings on why men were made in such a form. It holds a more metaphorical meaning towards life. And since I’ve already denote that life is a co-existing world of heaven and earth, I’ve decided to pursue on finding a connection between the science and philosophy of the human anatomy.

Design Concept of Book

Again, based on the phrase, my design concept revolves around the idea of overlapping with the consideration of the choice of materials. The body(being the biological viewpoint) will be printed out on normal paper whereas the soul(metaphorical view), will be printed out only on tracing paper, to emphasise the idea of the soul being invisible. The notion of overlapping creates a sense whereby the body and soul have to be able to be as one in order to be able to read it. Without the body, the soul is lost.


The video is an accompaniment to the book. Playing more towards the motion of the type, I was trying to create a serious look and to transfer the idea of overlapping from the book to the video. The background sound is nothing but sounds created by the human body as I did not want any distraction from the content.


Advertorial posters were made in such a way to create a sense of curiosity to people. The metaphorical quote which was overlapped over the anatomy drawing was intentional, an expression of conflicting ideas (logic vs emotions).


Initially, I had the idea of overlapping two books but the process of making people find the right method on how to overlap two separate books was very messy. It was clear that it was not being thought through. Also, I’m glad that I’ve decided not to pursue that idea as I realised that the content of the philosophy perspective was very limited as I was only referring back to one source. Hence, I’ve come up with the idea of having the two parts of the book to be infused into one. This not only made it simpler for people to read it but it also emphasise the idea on how the soul is diffused in the body and does not exist in this realm once there is no longer a connection.

Making the video was also a difficult task for me as I personally am not very good with such programmes. Hence, I kept it very simple by simply playing with type and trying to make it fit in as much with my existing system.

In conclusion, going through this process of making the Science Philosophical book was not easy. The research part and the gathering of contents was one of the more tedious task. I’ve limited the content of the human anatomy to focus only on 5 human organs. I’ve learnt a lot during the research process in both biological viewpoint and philosophical. And it really amaze me how Greek Philosophers could come up with such theories, depending only on emotions but somehow making sense. How Plato explains the existence and the placement of the heart is filled with such beauty, making it very poetic.

After understanding the concept of body and soul due to the many research I’ve made, back to the question on water; what’s the difference between cleaning and cleansing? Cleaning is the cleansing of body but cleansing is the renewal of the soul.


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March 27, 2015

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