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Second Glance

Abstract or Summary of Project

Amputation is an emotionally traumatic experience that has resulted to as many as 50% of all amputees requiring some sort of psychological intervention. Unable to cope with the loss of a limb, many succumb to psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. This project is a social cause driven to alleviate the emotional and psychological trauma. I hope to catalyze a change in the public’s and the amputee’s perspective, to help increase self-confidence of the latter and turn a negative connotation to a more positive outlook.

Inspired by body art painting, tattoos, and fashion, the body is a medium or rather, a canvas in which we can use to express ourselves. By offering prosthesis with interchangeable designs, it allows the user to customize their prosthesis with various designs that can act as a physical projection of their personality, interests, cultural identity. This can catalyze as a form of positive reinforcement by giving the choice of ‘dressing up’ your leg according to your mood or even as an extension of your fashion sense. The change of perspective would induce self-love and acceptance. Rather than seeing it as a flaw in the body, why not see it as a feature that can enhance one’s looks, just like an accessory.

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May 14, 2018