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To Mother

Abstract or Summary of Project

To Mother hopes to expound on the different expectations of parent-child relationship that may not necessarily coincide with reality. It hopes to delve into the grief and loneliness one encounters when their preconceived perception of any of these two labels clashed.

The series explores the several misconceived notions that motherhood may bring about; for it is the same type of motherhood that refuses to detach itself from the force fed idealism and punishes the parent when they go against the rigid and unforgiving system. Who can determine whether one is a good mother or otherwise? When a mother strays from being that perfect epitome of a caretaker, do we condemn them despite their tries?

To Mother also expounds on the transnatal and generational traumas that are passed down to the child, an intangible but significant consequences. As the collateral damage, who does the child then blame?

To Mother is a project that reveals the unwarranted pain that a child has inherited. Despite that, it celebrates the struggles and effort as a parent that tries to strive for the better. It brings forth the grief of wanting to be but not being able to be. To Mother is a project about healing; an effort to rewrite the emotional memory from a painful past full with ideals and expectations that were not met.

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Posted on

May 7, 2019