Water Feast

Abstract or Summary of Project

The project started with my research into water as an activator. From water springs forth life, fertility, food and rejuvenation that refresh all the earth, both for man and nature. My project aims to celebrate the life-giving beauty of water by integrating the microcosm and macrocosm of our world through sumptuous food and drinks.

Process and More Details

1) Illustration Book

The lighthearted and jovial nature of the project made me angle my design towards bright and pastel colours. The highly detailed illustrations invite the audience to pause and pore over the image, as one would do in a children’s book. The book is hand bound hard cover, made in a size big enough to flesh out the illustrations, yet small enough to remain intimate. The poems are carefully crafted to rhyme both audibly and visually with its content.

For full pdf version, please click this link: http://issuu.com/syelni/docs/waterfeast

2) Poster

The 1000 x 500 mm poster carries a similar style to the book. It depicts the water cycle in forms of delicious soups and food. The clouds in the teapot condense to form snow that falls to form the ice kacang that mimics a mountain. The water falls down into the ‘countryside’ the land where we grow crops, before finally plunging into the ‘sea’ of noodle soup, the water eventually evaporates and reforms as clouds – a parallel to the water cycle. The poster was given a long, scroll-like dimension that suggests traditionalshan shui paintings, in which mountains and water meet to birth beautiful landscapes.

3) Website

The website would be the medium in which contains the concept of the project, artist information and also where people can purchase a copy of the book or poster online. There is a similar look with the book that uses the blue water coloured background that has been sprinkled with salt crystals to achieve a bubble-like effect of water.



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March 27, 2015

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