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Circulate is an experimental illustration project based on Su Shi’s poem Jian Zi Mu Lan Hua · Shuang Long Dui Qi. The poetic imagery incorporated strong contrasting ideas and Zen elements that explores the relationships between thoughts of the ancients and modern people undergoing the same journey. 

An Artist’s Learning Journey

Follow the artist’s learning journey as she continues to discover about herself in knowing her passion and motivation to work hard in the arts that has gotten her to where she is at NTU, ADM.

Berry Nice

Berry Nice is a 2D animated short film. It tells the story of Berry, the only one of his kind, struggling to make friends in Pear Town. The Pears are a nasty bunch. This short film shows that in whatever circumstance of life, kindness is never the wrong option.


4:44 is an action horror animated short film about a boy who accidentally desecrates an offering during the 7th month ghost festival. This sends him on a collision course with the monstrous ghost of someone he used to bully, forcing him to confront his past misdeeds and repent.


HAKKA is a 2D-animated documentary about the Hakka people, the film comprises the idea of history, contribution, and cultural identity. This short film seeks to educate and celebrate a rarely-mentioned cultural entity that is the Hakka dialect group.