This project explores alternative narratives that allows the user to travel through a digital environment in real-time. The environment was mainly built in Unreal Engine 4; the modelling was done in Maya 2018. Substance Painter, Audacity and other software were also used to support our textures, audios and other components.


Shikari is a graphic novel about a group of hunters who arrive on an unexplored game reserve planet, with exclusive rights to hunt in exchange for escorting a guide sent by the safari.

It all seems like an ordinary hunting trip, until a dark secret is uncovered. As it turns out, their guide has been leading other unsuspecting groups deep into the jungle, to be quarry for aliens who too, enjoy the thrill of stalking dangerous game: armed humans.

The tables turn and the hunters become the hunted as they struggle to survive their unexpected predicament.


A schoolboy reconnects with his close friend after her break-up, and his feelings for her rekindle. When rumours of the girl’s compromising photos start spreading around the school, the boy confronts the ex-boyfriend in an attempt to defend her honour — a decision which soon proves disastrous.


The benefactor is a first person exploration/ puzzle based game, set during the dark ages in another planet. You play as Ringo, an intrepid kid who finds a mansion in the middle of the woods, and realize that it is not what it seems on the outside. He eventually hears from the unnamed owner of the mansion, and learns about his purpose on this planet.


Rego is a digital service that aims to tackle the ongoing issue of food waste in Singapore, through the selling of surplus food at discounted prices. Making the rescue of food convenient and attractive, Rego aims to instil the value of food sustainability as important and chic.

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