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4:44 is an action horror animated short film about a boy who accidentally desecrates an offering during the 7th month ghost festival. This sends him on a collision course with the monstrous ghost of someone he used to bully, forcing him to confront his past misdeeds and repent.


CARL is a 2D point and click side scroller made in Unity featuring rich graphics, quirky, diverse characters and a branching storyline based on the choices you make.

Take on the role of Carl, a white collar worker trying to live his best life. Choose your own path and make difficult choices. Will you obey the oppressive system and rise through the ranks? Or will you act against it for the good of the people?


A pair of friends embark on an exciting journey through the city, where they discover new fads and trends that would encourage others to join them. Along the way, one’s emotions and ambitions changes the course of the bandwagon’s fate.

The film is a commentary on the positive and negative impacts of the ‘bandwagon’ culture as present in social media.


Launderama is a whimsical, light-hearted story written by our Director – Hui Min. It follows laundry shop employee DESIREE who grows wary of her mundane existence and craves for a change in the status quo.

The young woman named Desiree finds herself yearning to live a life outside her own. To cope with the banality of her job in the laundry shop, she indulges in the clandestine activity of trying on a custom made jacket belonging to the customers’ transporting her to an alternate reality in which she takes on a new identity altogether, and the laundry shop bursts into life at night as her fantasies come alive in various ways. She is forced to confront harsh realities when she realises that she cannot hold on to the jacket forever and in her pursuit to keeping it, she discovers that she isn’t the only one with a secret. 


A filial fresh graduate brings home his first pay check but comes to realise that his parents are hungry for his money and more.

A darkly horrific twist on contemporary family dramas and the values of filial piety in Singapore, Mosquito asks – what happens when your parents want to suck your blood – literally? After earning his first pay check, Jared comes home to his adoring parents and a night of celebration. However his parents start to change, with Ma’s demands of him becoming increasingly intensive and intrusive, while his Pa develops a strange obsessive taste for sweet drinks and more. As the night approaches, Jared realises his parents are mutating into another species and has to make a terrible choice between obedience or survival.