As 6 year old Ting and her family moves from their Kampung to a HDB apartment, Ting defies all odds to keep her pet chicken.

The story takes place in the 1980s, following Ting, a 6-year old girl living in a Kampung with her parents and a beloved pet chicken named Mao Mao. It is the family’s last day in the Kampung, they prepare to move to a newly built HDB flat. Realising that chickens are not allowed in the HDB flats, she sneaks Mao Mao along anyway.

At the new HDB apartment, Ting’s parents discover Mao Mao and threatens to cull the chicken, causing Ting to run away with Mao Mao. Cycling all the back to her Kampung home, Ting overcomes the challenges faced hoping to stay together with her chicken, only to be found by her parents.


Dasein is an animated film of a boy who has to overcome his inner struggle in time to save the worm that stole his food.

Nectar and Noises

A man with butterflies in his stomach must decide to take on a life-altering surgery when he falls in love with a co-worker.


Breakfast is a 2D animated film that revolves around a chance encounter at a coffee shop that brings together two childhood friends for a meal. However, one comes to the realisation that he and his old friend have drifted apart far more than he had realised. Using the imagery of a traditional Singaporean breakfast, Breakfast explores the fraying bond between two individuals.


Moon talks about conspiracy theories and how one should take things with a pinch of salt. It follows an average person’s discovery of the truth about his reality through a series of strange occurrences and revelations.

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