The Hidden and The Familiar

Most of us have a home or place that we are used to seeing on a daily basis and so often, we do not even see the objects in them anymore. Objects in our immediate environment hold no meaning because of such familiarity. Basically speaking, we are looking, but not seeing.

The Hidden and The Familiar is an ongoing series that explores the  nuances of modern life and the human role therein. It questions the absence of the human presence, yet acknowledges the presence of the absent.

Death by Man

Death by Man is a photographic investigation and documentation of Singapore’s wildlife through a journaled obituary. It showcases the array of animals that we are privileged to share our island home with, the individuals that we have lost and all that we could possibly be loosing.

The Internet

The improvement in internet and smartphone technology have caused widespread changes to how we represent ourselves and how we interact with each other. While being tools that have brought us extreme convenience and connectivity, they have also ironically made us more disconnected than ever. These images are visual representations of what happens in front and behind the screens.

On the Other Side of the World III – Dream World

Dream World is part of the project On the Other Side of the World. The project features a character named Jurnee escaping into an imaginary world created with a mirror.

In this chapter, Jurnee faces events that were different from the previous two chapters. She was made to face subject matters that were out of her comfort zone and eventually found a new light to the reason of her existence in this world within the mirror. She was not as lost as before. Will this be the first step in returning to the original world?

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