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Launderama is a whimsical, light-hearted story written by our Director – Hui Min. It follows laundry shop employee DESIREE who grows wary of her mundane existence and craves for a change in the status quo.

The young woman named Desiree finds herself yearning to live a life outside her own. To cope with the banality of her job in the laundry shop, she indulges in the clandestine activity of trying on a custom made jacket belonging to the customers’ transporting her to an alternate reality in which she takes on a new identity altogether, and the laundry shop bursts into life at night as her fantasies come alive in various ways. She is forced to confront harsh realities when she realises that she cannot hold on to the jacket forever and in her pursuit to keeping it, she discovers that she isn’t the only one with a secret. 


A documentary film that explores the uncomfortable side of the Singaporean identity, through the lens of three comedians who take a leap of faith in their own identities.

The film is an exploration of the Singaporean identity through conversations with comedians who goes skin deep in talking about uncomfortable issues through their comedy connecting with Singaporeans. This will be uncovered through interviews, the shows they perform, exclusive backstage footage, and a day in their lives beyond the persona on stage. The documentary is also exploring the use of archival materials, poetic imagery and soundscapes to bring to life the Singaporean identity that sometimes goes unnoticed.


“Hidden”, a short comedic thriller follows an average tough lady, Renee, who happens to have a clumsy side. As nature calls, she stumbles into a public restroom to relieve herself. However, she lands herself in trouble after she drops her phone into the commode. While trying to retrieve it, she faces an unexpected change of event.

Granny Business

This is a story about a granny who leads a peaceful and normal life. However when her grandchild is bullied, she snaps from her usual daily life and does what she has to do.

Such is Life

A story of two undertakers, one young and new to the job, the other old and dehumanized.

“Such Is Life” is a short film project with an initiative to diversify and expand the range of genre stories told in Singapore. Drawing inspiration from theater and satire, it is a genre bending narrative consisting of dark comedy, tragic comedy and drama that focuses on themes of life and death, young and old, authority, ethics and values.