Memorial in Future – Miro

This project was a journey of learning and exploring ways of remembering the lost loved one in the modern context.


Miro is a dedicated personal memorial for the bereaved. Much like old photographs, memories fade over time and the blurry and fuzzy images become clear and vivid when people revisit them. Miro allows people to select and store precious memories in the format of digital images and videos of their loved one. It highlights the undistracted experience of remembering and recalling through physical interactions.


When inactivated, Miro functions like an ordinary mirror as part of people’s daily life. A mirror required regular cleaning for the reflection to be clear and it is metaphorically similar to the act of refreshing memories. It also enhances the experiences when people see themselves at the same time and reflect on their feelings when they view the memories.



Keywords: memorial, memory, bereavement, grief, death, personal, mirror

Pantang – Perspectives and Realities of Mortality

‘Pantang’ attempts to discuss the significance of death and remembrance of identity through a multidimensional exhibition. Using the play of perspectives and stimulation of different realities of mortality, ‘Pantang’ intends to open a discourse around cultural practices, remembrance and respect on our individuality; for who you are is intrinsically tied to your own life and death. These realities will reflect how death is confronted in the contemporary society.
Through the exhibition, “pantang-ness” is being deconstructed and viewers will be led to affront to their identity as they explore the different dimensions of life and death.

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