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Diərstôkər is a top down based game about a boy’s (Mori) journey to find his father, and his transition into adulthood. Set in a mountainous forest, Diərstôkər is a combination of an adventure and a survival game that tests a player’s ability to plan attacks while managing his available resources and methods of survival against the harsh mountain environment.

Diərstôkər’s narrative plays out using visual cues over text or speech, which adds an additional layer to the overall gameplay mechanics, testing the player’s wit and creativity.

INSIGHT: A touch of imagination

When Sam’s bag is stolen by bullies, the young boy dives deep into his imagination to find the courage he needs, and sets out to get what’s his. In this 3D computer game, players control Sam – running, jumping and fighting in a danger-filled and logic-defying playground that draws inspiration from children’s games and rhymes, such as The Floor is Lava and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Through immersing a player in a surreal environment that fuses elements of reality and fiction, it aims to capture the unparalleled imagination of children and how they might understand fear, while exploring what happens when a growing child is left to face their demons alone.