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A filial fresh graduate brings home his first pay check but comes to realise that his parents are hungry for his money and more.

A darkly horrific twist on contemporary family dramas and the values of filial piety in Singapore, Mosquito asks – what happens when your parents want to suck your blood – literally? After earning his first pay check, Jared comes home to his adoring parents and a night of celebration. However his parents start to change, with Ma’s demands of him becoming increasingly intensive and intrusive, while his Pa develops a strange obsessive taste for sweet drinks and more. As the night approaches, Jared realises his parents are mutating into another species and has to make a terrible choice between obedience or survival.

A Study in Abjection

A Study in Abjection is a body of work with which I hope will help myself and others to delve into the deep dark world of horror and  open our minds to how primal our fears can be. Our minds are hardly our own, our fears and repulsions are decided for us from a young age.

The Last Spark

The Last Spark is a journey of a small little girl in pursuit of her own happiness. It is a third person psychological horror game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. Set in the imagination of the girl, the game is her journey to survive and conquer fear in order to discover what she deeply treasures. The Last Spark addresses the psychological side of a human being. The game was designed not only for entertainment purposes but also to bring the same quality of a good Expressionist art piece.