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Rummage My Heart

The passing of a loved one, shaking the stillness of the everyday stirs us to relook our inward parts, to ponder a relationship that might have never been reflected upon. Rummage My Heart, a mixed media installation seeks to reconcile the internal emotional conflicts that only surfaced following the passing of my grandfather on 4 June 2012. Archiving and memorializing my journey of grief; the project leads us to ponder on familial relationships, grief and closure.

Content of Boxes

Box 1- White Mourning Shirt & Journal Entry from 2012

Box 2- Torn Mourning Writings from 2012-2017

Box 3- Laminated Cut-out Photographs of Grandpa and I

Box 4- Last Letter to Grandpa & Digital Video (colour, sound, 2 min 18 secs)

Through Her Eyes

This film is about a young girl who slowly loses her ‘sight’, and eventually finds a new way of ‘seeing’ her world again. The story is unraveled through the main character transitioning from the real world to the world of darkness, and eventually into the world of colours where she begins seeing things in her new found perspective.

In the earlier concepts, I wanted to explore the idea of “blindness” and how a person who was born blind can imagine their world in colours. As I developed the project further over time, I decided to keep the idea of loss and learning to accept the loss in order to gain new perspective.

Working on this film has cost me my blood, sweat and tears, quite literally. So, I do hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s done!


Heartstrings is a self-documentation project of the artist’s deepest emotions and feelings. Through an experimental typography approach, using source material from the artist’s personal written excerpts, poems and notes, she explores the pain, loss and intimacy of love. The outcome is an autographical, confessional and confrontational content of writing.

Tropical Blues

Tropical Blues is a peek into the life of everyday Singapore through personal experiences.
Tropical Blues is a collection of little stories that takes you through the subtleties of life, growing up, kinship, the ties that bind, loss, love, trials and tribulations through my eyes. It takes the form of a music album, along with self written, original songs and images that I have collected through the years.