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Excess Baggage

Parents very often want the best for their children. However, these good intentions may not necessarily translate well into how they raise their children. What these parents deem to be well-intentioned may actually be harmful to the development of the child, be it in terms of their mental health or interactions. In more extreme cases, this behaviour may be termed as toxic parenting. In such a case, the implications on the child may even last well into adulthood. This project, titled ‘Excess Baggage’, intends to investigate why and how toxic parenting behaviours are executed, and to analyse the impact it has on children and society at large.

Having experienced toxic parenting, this project also seeks to document the author’s personal journey of confrontation, self-reflection, revision, and recovery through significant milestones and events in her life. In so doing, the author hopes to bring the viewer along in her journey as she comes to terms with the impact of toxic parenting in her life, and as she begins to heal from her experiences.

A Single Year 心的探索

A Single Year (Illustration book)


Bonus Prequel film (1-2 mins):

Fell deep in the sadness of a break up with her boyfriend, Momo finally learnt to move on.

A Single Year (Book): “Book of healing for the broken hearts”

Momo learns to live with herself. Along the journey, she realizes that there is so much love in this world besides the love between men and women. She decided to share her love with the wider community and found the true meaning of living in this world and being an adult.


与其待在不懂得珍惜你的人身边受苦, 一个人原来更快乐。献给所有曾受伤的心灵。

Little Milk Monster

Kaitlyn reflects on her time spent with her monstrous baby sister, and realises that she loves her sister more than she thought. The word ‘Monster’ then becomes a term of endearment.

Kaitlyn is the only child and has full attention and love from her parents. However as the family prepares to welcome a new life, she begins to feel neglected. As she is very young, she could not understand the change in her parents’ behavior and thus, feels threatened by the newborn’s presence and cries her heart out when she first sees her younger sister, baby Kayla. She does not enjoy Kayla’s presence, but Kayla’s smiles and silly antics slowly break down Kaitlyn’s walls and she finally realized the need to love and protect her younger sister when she sees Kayla crying. From then on, they are inseparable and Kaitlyn uses her own ways to show her love for Kayla.


Heartstrings is a self-documentation project of the artist’s deepest emotions and feelings. Through an experimental typography approach, using source material from the artist’s personal written excerpts, poems and notes, she explores the pain, loss and intimacy of love. The outcome is an autographical, confessional and confrontational content of writing.

Tropical Blues

Tropical Blues is a peek into the life of everyday Singapore through personal experiences.
Tropical Blues is a collection of little stories that takes you through the subtleties of life, growing up, kinship, the ties that bind, loss, love, trials and tribulations through my eyes. It takes the form of a music album, along with self written, original songs and images that I have collected through the years.