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As a prefix, re- is used to indicate repetition or withdrawal, both of which are the essences of this project.

re- is a series of hanging lamps that seeks to create a relaxing atmosphere in one’s personal space for one to unwind after a hard day of work. Their gentle oscillations in the presence of air currents emulate the way Rain Tree’s branches sway in the wind. When switched on, the lampshades diffuse light warmly and in a cozy manner, and the leaves of the rain tree are made visible. In addition, the material of the lampshades as it interacts with light is meant to resemble dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy of the Rain Tree.

The Hidden Structure

Much of our seemingly chaotic and complex world is structured and grounded and logic and science. Nature is amazing in its ability to adapt and evolve to find the most efficient solution, and it has been doing so for the past 3.8 billion years. A knowledge and understanding of the structures formed in nature could be applied to other disciplines such as design and engineering to bring about greater sustainability for our society – this is known as biomimicry. Yet, this knowledge is not widespread and the presentation of its information do not seem to appeal to those outside the field of biology. Hence, this project seeks to explore ways to better present the amazing structure and potential of nature through the fundamentals of visual communication and information design, to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and the audience.

Tropical Terrarium

In my photo series “Tropical Terrarium”, I explore the irony of Singapore’s uneasy relationship with nature in an era of rapid development. As the constant cycle of construction and destruction threatens to further obliterate any remaining traces of nature in land-scarce Singapore, the absence of nature prompts a feverish obsession to romanticise and immortalise elements of nature through artificial constructs, dazzling emblems of the city’s lofty aspirations to be both a world-class garden city and a modern metropolis.

In the presence of artificiality, quiet neighbourhoods and forgotten corners take on a life of their own, giving a tantalising glimpse of the history behind the space and its inhabitants.