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“Rhythm” mainly features Burmese traditional art and designs alongside cultural musical performance. By integrating the traditional and modern elements, the story is told through visual metaphors. In the story, the female protagonist goes through a series of struggles which is interpreted as a culture shock or a change in her life. 

Table Talk on a Boat

Table talk on a Boat is a wayang performance about a fictional story of how three Chinese-Indonesian Independence heroes find themselves travelling on an Indonesian Independence Warship heading to Singapore. As hilarity ensues, the table talk between the ship’s captain, a disillusioned journalist, and a female paramedic / spy leads to discussions on issues of race, history, and power.

Table talk on a Boat is an invitation for Indonesians to revisit and reflect on Indonesia’s past. It is a call to rediscover the positive legacy that the Chinese-Indonesians left on the nation’s history.


We Singaporeans love our local fare and I am no exception. Food is almost synonymous with life and has always been an important part – not only of my personal – heritage. My great-grandparents operated a kedai kopi in a small kampong in Malaysia, and my grandparents sold the best Hainanese chicken rice at Adam Road up till the 1990s.
Jia (eat in Hainanese and Home in Mandarin) is an installation in an attempt to reconnect with a part of my family history I never really knew – before it disappears, through the food that I grew up eating.