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Innate (2019)

This project seeks to address discrimination and stereotypes and raise awareness on underlying social issues where more people can listen, share and build a better community through stories, promoting tolerance and empathy.

A Study in Abjection

A Study in Abjection is a body of work with which I hope will help myself and others to delve into the deep dark world of horror and  open our minds to how primal our fears can be. Our minds are hardly our own, our fears and repulsions are decided for us from a young age.


We Singaporeans love our local fare and I am no exception. Food is almost synonymous with life and has always been an important part – not only of my personal – heritage. My great-grandparents operated a kedai kopi in a small kampong in Malaysia, and my grandparents sold the best Hainanese chicken rice at Adam Road up till the 1990s.
Jia (eat in Hainanese and Home in Mandarin) is an installation in an attempt to reconnect with a part of my family history I never really knew – before it disappears, through the food that I grew up eating.


escape/entrap is a series exploring the idea of a different reality as experienced by the artist.

A common sentiment among millennials today is their wish to keep seeing new places, to leave wherever they usually work and live. They agonize over how small their world is and how there is nothing new. It is as if being trapped in a maze of our own making, be it in the physical or the emotional sense. Through this series, the artist attempts to create an escape on another plane of reality, however temporary, within the trappings.

The escape is created through learning how to see again through clearer eyes, without preconceived notions, without memories, without attachments.


There are places in life we have never been, nor have the chance to visit them at all, or even acknowledge their existence. The hyperlapse captures the ephemeral and the tension between nature and nurture in Singapore.