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NOROI TOY is a series of collectibles based on everyday seemingly innocent everyday objects

turning into something wicked in seconds. This project aims to question the innocence of everyday objects

and bring an unexpected twist to the common. Through the exploration of my aesthetics and rapid sketches, I

have brought these palm-sized items of curiosities to live where you would want to take a second look,

observe, and see what kind of surprises it will give you.

Rethinking the Unwanted; A Novel Exploration of Used Wine Corks

We have a tendency to throw things away when it has reached the end of its life cycle, this project is about extending that life cycle and creating a circular economy. Reusing discarded materials and creating new utilities and beauty.

Globally, it is a norm to crave for new things and dispose the unwanted and the old. It is especially so in Singapore, where everything is constantly new and refurbished. The author wants people to re-evaluate the things we discard, what is trash and what is not? How can ordinary and forgotten things tell an extraordinary story.

This project aimed to provide a novel perspective on the way we observe and re-value things, to disclose an undiscovered path for others to follow. It focuses on an exploration of a singular material, under-utilized wine corks. Small and often discarded, it is invaluable as a singular piece but amasses in potential as a collective.


It is vital that young children are constantly able to partake in interactive traditional play in their early childhood to nurture their motor (fine and gross), cognitive, emotional, social, and communicative skills and developmental domains, which can be achieved from engaging in their distinct play pattern: role-playing.

Playscapes is a set of mutable furniture designed for use in small homes that can be repurposed to form many permutations of archetypes or scenarios for young children to utilise and partake in their imaginative world of make-believe through role-playing. The set contains 2 stools, 1 table and 5 panel dividers (3 designs: spots, bars, stripes).

Furniture toys are another scale of architecture. They will allow the child to experience their role-play as part of their environment while allowing existing toys to be repurposed in Playscapes to enhance their role-play. The set of furniture is made entirely out of wood hence is 100% recyclable.


People coping with repressive anxiety tend to keep their unwanted feelings and thoughts out of their conscious mind and this often results in the build-up of emotions and feelings that could contribute to depression and anxiety.

This product targets this group by creating an opportunity for them to come to acknowledge their immediate experienced feelings and thus help improve their somatic senses through the immediate feedback.


Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) have been a great form of green transport in the recent years. Accidents are however on the rise due to the lack of safety features present in these devices. This project aims to create a safer mobility device for the world in 2040, addressing the aspect of safety. smove is a Personal Mobility Device that provides users a safe and smooth riding experience through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and design innovation.