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Codex Golden

Codex Golden looks at the Golden Mile Complex. A building whose value has been questioned and contested through the decades, 
it is now deemed rather irrelevant towards urbanisation and development. Yet to me, it is a place of significance where family ties, friendships and relationships are forged.

Places can be seen as specific sites that hold our experiences. It holds a unique moment where the mind, the body, and the world are aligned. They make sense out of each other and create a permanent impression in our lives. Places morph, extend and diminish. Each time we revisit them, it has the ability to build upon newer experiences or make greater meaning out of the older ones. They do so according to the people that you are with, the stage that you are in life and the situations that the universe chooses to put you in. Hence, it is a chanced occurrence yet highly specific and intentional. Each experience in a place is not replicable. They build upon each other and are a way of understanding life.

Codex Golden is a site-specific project which is essentially a collection of experiences put together by me trying to answer the following questions: What does a ‘Place’ mean? How do we deem if it is ‘Of value’? More importantly, how do we make sense out of these ‘Places’? This is performed through the act of Walking— a common thread that holds all experiences together.

Deciphering Banyan Tree Networks

Trees are the natural vessels for archaeologies written, unwritten, spoken, and unspoken. “Deciphering Banyan Tree Networks” centers around the Banyan tree, also known as the strangling fig. Throughout history, the enigmatic biology of the Banyan tree has ensured itself special status in human societies, and many have tried to capture the Banyan’s potencies through poetry, metaphor, painting, resulting in many readings and interpretations. Amongst them, the Banyan tree has been imagined as an emblem of power, unifying and destructive, a symbol of nativeness, an all-encompassing metaphor for interconnectedness. This project is a multimedia installation that aims to weave micro and macro narratives surrounding the Banyan through a study of four species of strangling ficuses and four local spaces against history, plant biology, art, sociology, and politics.