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“Hidden”, a short comedic thriller follows an average tough lady, Renee, who happens to have a clumsy side. As nature calls, she stumbles into a public restroom to relieve herself. However, she lands herself in trouble after she drops her phone into the commode. While trying to retrieve it, she faces an unexpected change of event.

Community Circle Design

Around 80% of Singaporeans live in HDBs (Housing Development Board). Despite living in close proximities, Singapore citizens may not know their neighbours well as it is a common sight for people to close their doors and retreat within their homes. The void decks, public areas at the ground level of HDBs, are often under-utilised by the residents despite being shared spaces. With the intentions of transforming void decks and empowering HDB dwellers, my project consists of a design strategy, called Community Circle Design (CC Design) that aims at improving the daily social interactions in residential areas.

CC Design adopts a multi platform approach which includes a website, a mobile application, the design of a programme of creative workshops and activities and a physical, movable furniture unit to activate CC Design in the void decks. This system of tactics is developed to disseminate, share and communicate information as well as promote participation, social exchanges and ultimately, gives visibility to the creative outputs of neighbourhoods’ interactions. A friendly and movable furniture unit is designed to provide tools such as tables and seats to facilitate workshops, residents’ exhibitions and inter-generational play.