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In Process of Time

In Process of Time examines the complexities of growing up with domestic conflict and the eventual toll it takes on a child. The work seeks to understand how these experiences gradually build up in an individual and how it affects one’s personality.

Between Here & There

Walking is commonly defined as getting from here to there. It is a transitory space we go through to get to where we want to go. However, is there a reason why we do some of our best creative thinking when we are up and about on our two feet? Why do some of the world’s greatest minds have one habit in common, that is, walking? This project aims to provide a new perspective on easily the most common and mundane thing we do every single day and bring new and fresh perspective to what walking is and what walking can be. It takes on a metaphorical approach to redefine what it means to walk and specifically how it relates to thinking. The objective of the project is to offer a new definition of walking through design.


HERSTORY is a look back at Singapore’s modern history through the lens of the women’s movement. How did policies affect women? Where did women stand, and what did they do to make Singapore the country it is today? This work aims to recognize and document the contributions and milestones of women in an exciting way that will appeal to the today’s youth. Using video, graphic design and augmented reality, HERSTORY will reveal the many significant watershed moments of the women’s movement in relation to our national history that we are familiar with.


We Singaporeans love our local fare and I am no exception. Food is almost synonymous with life and has always been an important part – not only of my personal – heritage. My great-grandparents operated a kedai kopi in a small kampong in Malaysia, and my grandparents sold the best Hainanese chicken rice at Adam Road up till the 1990s.
Jia (eat in Hainanese and Home in Mandarin) is an installation in an attempt to reconnect with a part of my family history I never really knew – before it disappears, through the food that I grew up eating.

Wanderlust: Finding Home

Wanderlust is a project that looks at walking as an activity that brings the past and the present together, a walker walks through his or her old experiences, while creating a new present as s/he heads towards their future. Therefore each walk moves through space like a thread of fabric, sewing it together into a continuous experience. This project is a personal exploration of the concept of home. It follows me as I walk through experiences and places that have made me who I am; it is my search for home or lack there of.