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Dating Jitters

Dating Jitters is a live action romantic comedy with integrated CG characters. The story begins with a couple of long-time friends attempting to have a dinner date. They both have “nervous monsters”; physical representations of their nervousness, which change sizes proportionately with their owner’s level of nervousness, thus causing more chaos as they grow in size. With the added struggle of both protagonists trying to hide their monsters from each other, as well as attempts at trying to get closer physically and emotionally, tension between the two continue to grow throughout the evening. Will this be a happy ending?


“Hidden”, a short comedic thriller follows an average tough lady, Renee, who happens to have a clumsy side. As nature calls, she stumbles into a public restroom to relieve herself. However, she lands herself in trouble after she drops her phone into the commode. While trying to retrieve it, she faces an unexpected change of event.

Zero 00:00

What would you do if you couldn’t die for a day?

On a special day for a few hours, humans are rendered immortal. In the event they do something to cause their death, they would come back to life shortly after. A man takes advantage of this by jumping off from a roof as every time he ‘dies’, he is brought out of his reality to another world where he can see his dead wife. Time is limited for our protagonist as he attempts to reconnect with her.

Life on Europa

One of the most likely locations in the Solar System for potential habitability is Europa, the sixth largest moon in the Solar System and the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter. Extraterrestrial life could exist deep within its icy oceans.

“Life on Europa” is a short abstract experimental animated film which seeks to explore the potential wonders and mysteries of the existence of any life  form on this distant planet.