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Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) are an agreement between you and Nanyang Technological University (“NTU”) and govern the access and use of ADM Portfolio website or services (“Services”) referencing these Terms. By accessing or using the Services in any manner, you understand and agree to the Terms. Please read these Terms carefully.

1. Definitions

User” means any person or entity that accesses or uses the Services in any manner, whether or not they register for an ADM Portfolio account, including you.

Content” means all data, images, software, code, documentation, text, design elements and other information provided on the Website. Content includes both ADM Portfolio Content and User Content.

User Content” means all Content that a User posts, publishes or otherwise provides on or through the Services.

Author” means any person or entity including us, who created, performed, produced or broadcast the Content (or if no individual or entity can be identified, the publisher).

Website” means our website at and any sub-domains.

We” “Our” “Us” means NTU Libraries or as the context requires the NTU School of ADM.

2. Copyright

NTU is the owner of the compilation and/or collective work of the Content contained and comprised in the Website, and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise stated, the Author retains all rights and ownership of their User Content. You may not reproduce, disseminate, adapt, modify or incorporate in printed or electronic form, any parts of the Content available on this Website without the prior written permission of the Author or NTU.

3. Content

The Terms follow and extend those set upon by NTU here.

3.1 Subject Matter

Please note that the Content covers a wide range of art and design subject matter. It is generally uncensored and may include nudity or other visual or written material that some people may consider offensive or inappropriate for minors. If you allow your child or anyone else to use your computer or their device to access the Website, it is your responsibility to prevent them from accessing any Content that you think is or may be inappropriate for them.

3.2 License to User Content

By submitting, posting, publishing or otherwise providing any User Content on or through the Website, the Author grants us non-exclusive right and license to use, host, store, reproduce, distribute, publish, adapt, modify, translate, create derivative works (solely for the purpose to better showcase your work), publicly perform, and publicly display your User Content, in any and all media now known or later developed, for the purposes of operating, distributing, promoting, and improving the Website, and developing new Services. We will attribute the Author if we incorporate the User Content into our promotional and marketing materials.

3.3 Recommended User Content

Faculty can recommend us to upload their students’ works or upload them on behalf of their students to the Website. Such User Content will include the name of the perceived Author and the faculty that recommended it. In such cases, we will retain the rights and ownership of the User Content with the same license as stated above in 3.2. A User can create an account through the Website and claim their User Content. The rights and ownership will be transferred to upon confirmation.

3.4 Accessing and Sharing of User Content

By submitting, posting, publishing or otherwise providing any User Content on or through the Website, the Author gives other Users the right to share their User Content through different social media platforms integrated by the Services. By default, the User Content is appended with “Copyright © – All Rights Reserved”, but the Author is allowed to set the scope of use (such as setting different Creative Commons licenses). The Author is responsible for determining the scope of use and applying the appropriate level of access to their User Content. We do not monitor or control how Users use your content.

3.5 Removal or Refusal to Display User Content

Through the Services of the Website, the Author can edit or remove their User Content at any time at their sole discretion. We reserve the right to remove or refuse display of any User Content on the Website, in whole or part if we believe that such User Content may violate these Terms, the law or other rights, or for any other reasons, without notice or liability, at any time at our sole discretion.

3.6 Notification of Copyright Infringement

We respect the intellectual property rights under the laws of Singapore. If you believes the Services are hosting content that infringes your copyright, please let us know by emailing the New Media Group at with the following information:

  1. Description of the copyrighted work(s) you believe are infringed;
  2. The exact location (URL) where the infringing Content resides on the Services;
  3. Contact information;
  4. A statement by you that the information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or are authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

4. Personal Data Protection and Privacy

We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore by following the relevant statements by NTU here with the following additional terms.

4.1 Account Information

You may need to create an account and login to use our Services of the Website. In the process, we collect and use personal data, such as full name, NTU email and Preferred email addresses solely for evaluative, account creation and notification purposes. For any other purposes, we will seek your consent before using or disclosing personal data. Selected account information may be displayed under your Author Profile Page. The Services allow you the right to manage, edit or create account information as Author. However, you may not use account information of another User.

5. Termination

You can stop using our Website or our Services at any time. However, you agree that we may retain and use copies of the Content for archival or backup purposes.

We may add, modify features or functionalities or remove any of them from the Website.

6. About the Terms

The Terms are subjected to the Singapore laws, restrictions and regulations that may govern the import, export and use of the Website and Content. You agree to comply with all such laws, restrictions and regulations.

If a court finds any section of the Terms invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the Terms still apply.

You can’t assigned or transfer your rights or obligations under this Terms to someone else without our written permission.

We may modify the Terms to, for instance reflect the changes to the law, NTU policies or to our Services. We will notify our Users of any changes to the Terms.

7. Notices

We will give notices to Users through email, postings or within the Website, or other means reasonable for the type of notice provided. No written correspondences will be sent.

It is the responsibility of the Users to keep their email addresses current with us.

8. Contact

Should you have any further enquiries or concerns with the Terms, feel free to contact the New Media Group at


Last updated on 13 May 2015