Extra Mile Award

Invitation to Nominate for NTU Admins Excellence Awards
– Extra Mile Award


Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to announce the nomination for The NTU Admin Excellence Awards – Extra Mile Award is open.

At NTU, we believe finding the right way to make our employees feel appreciated builds job satisfaction, employee loyalty and longevity. Our team is accomplishing every day. It’s important to take time to recognize and celebrate each other’s achievements.

The NTU Admin Excellence Awards honor deserving employees who have gone above and beyond, and who exemplify our values of Customer Focus, Collaboration, Respect, Trust, Integrity and other significant contributions to NTU.

There are three categories under the NTU Admin Excellence Awards:

Extra Mile Award

The Extra Mile Award recognizes MSO employees who have demonstrated above and beyond excellence for a particular task, solving an issue or helping a colleague/customer. This is an instant recognition for that great work that happens every day at NTU.


Distinction Award

The Distinction Award is given to teams and individuals in our MSO community for recognition of their commitment in achieving greater results beyond their immediate groups. It is the next higher level award after the Extra Mile Award, and will be presented semi-annually.


Excellence Award

The Excellence Award acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by members of our MSO community towards fulfilling the goals, values and vision of Admin Excellence in NTU. It is an Admin-wide award that will be presented at an annual ceremony starting 2018.


Nominate someone today!

We are starting the Admin-wide awards with the Extra Mile Award. I encourage you to begin sending and receiving recognition for great work. The nominee of each supported nomination will receive a $20 voucher and there is no limit to the number of nominations each employee can receive.

Please click on the red Nominate Someone! button above to recognize your co-workers and team members whenever you see someone contributing to our vision and values.


In the coming weeks, we will be sharing details of the Distinction Award and Excellence Award.

Let’s celebrate each other for the contributions that made a difference now!


Tan Aik Na

Chief Administrative Office & Chief Financial Officer

NTU Admin Excellence Awards Committee

Ong Eng Hock,
Head, NSS

Chee Soo Leng
Director, Administrative Office

Goh Hwee Oon
Director, Administration, College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Kevin Goh
Assistant Director, Office of Human Resources

Hanafi Ramdan
Manager, Centre for IT Services

Irene Teo
Supervisor, Finance (Payroll), NSS Finance

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