Important dates

Below are some important dates to take note of


August and January

Internship briefing for 3rd year students
First briefing: August (semester 1)
Second briefing: January (semester 2)
Emails will be sent to all 3rd year students closer to the date of briefing
It is advisable that you try to attend at least one of the two briefings.

December / January

Internship application procedures
Email notifications will be sent to all 3rd year students from the Career and Attachment around late December or early January to register your interest, take a compulsory health & safety test and to begin your application procedure. If you miss this this deadline, please email CAO Ms Jenny Lim at and copy ADM faculty Ms Angeline Yam at citing reasons and we will advise accordingly.

Early February

Viewing of ADM database of companies
Usually available for viewing in early February as we need to collate as many of them as possible closer to the date of the internship period

March / Recess week

Shortlisting by companies for interview
Usually happens in early March or during your one week recess break in March

31st March

Self-sourcing deadline
The deadline for self-source form submission is 31st March. Some flexibility can be granted upon valid circumstantial reasons. Please get in touch with and copy for further clarification if you need to. Please note that all self-sourced internship must be endorsed by ADM before proceeding.  Self-source internship that are not endorsed or approved will not be qualified for credits in due time even if you had completed the internship on your own accord.

For an overview of the application timeline flow and self-source application form, please visit  student application page.

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