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Information for Companies

Courses in ADM

Companies are encouraged to have an understanding of the courses taken by our students before making an application. This will ensure that the organization attracts the right candidate and that the internship will be of value to both the organization as well as the student intern.

Our students going on an internship are usually 3rd year students in a 4 years undergraduate degree programme. Students are typically enrolled into two different programmes which provide flexibility in choosing the subjects that suit their interests and objectives.

  • Design Art – Interaction design, product design and Visual Communication
  • Media Art – Digital animation, Digital film-making and Photography and Digital Imaging

To find out more about our student courses, please visit the programme site.

Please consider the area(s) that is most relevant to the internship job scope when making an application. If you have questions on the suitability of our interns for your placement, please contact us for advisement.

For late applications between January – April, please visit:

Companies can decide from the following 2 options when considering the engagement of an intern(s).

1. Official internship route

TimelineStart May – End of July. If you missed this period and would like to be included for next year’s invitation, please email  Jenny Lim at at any time to be enrolled onto our database list for an invitation between Nov – Jan. Please provide at least two contacts if possible providing names, email, designation and contact number(s).  Please also kindly CC Angeline Yam at in the email too.

Internship programme format: Under the official internship programme, students will provide a minimum of 10 weeks commitment to the organization between Mid May – End of July (students’ longest semester break). Each student will be assigned a faculty as a mentor to the student. The faculty will also act as a contact point for the organization.

Student commitment: Throughout the 10 weeks internship, students will be required to write reflective journals on their experiences with the organization that will be monitored by our faculty members.

Organization commitment: We request the interested organization to allocate a supervisor (preferably one with an art, design or media background) to provide mentorship and guidance to the student throughout the 10 weeks period. The organization supervisor will be asked to provide feedback on the students’ performance mid-way through the internship period and will also be asked to complete a simple assessment form on the student’s performance at the end of the internship period.

End of internship period: Upon successful completion of the internship, students will be awarded academic units as part of their degree programme. Companies are more than welcome to extend the internship period beyond 10 weeks with the students. However, the extension period will be a separate agreement between the student and the organization. There will also be no faculty monitoring the internship after the 10 weeks period.

Typical Timeline

Nov – Jan :

Email invitations are sent to interested companies to enroll for the internship. Due to movement of human resources, please make sure you have at least two contacts provided in the above instruction to make sure your organization receives the invitation and is kept in the loop on a yearly basis.

Dec – Feb:

  • Sorting of paperwork between companies and students application
  • Acceptance and rejection of companies by NTU (ADM)

Late Feb:

Emails will be sent to companies to view students’ CV online

End of Feb

Companies to shortlist students for interviews

Early march

Companies to interview shortlisted student candidates
(usually during students’ one-week recess break)


Company to let ADM  know selected students for the internship from round 1

Mid-March – Late March

Round 2 application to start for companies who did not manage to apply during round 1

Late March – Early April

Students to confirm offered internship

Mid May

The internship programme begins for both student and companies

End of July

Internship programme ends (10 weeks)

2. Informal internship route

Informal internships are typically for companies who:

  • missed the application window (Oct – Feb) for the official internship programme
  • unable to wait for the official internship months (May – July)
  • have a different timeline and requirement that does not align with the official internship programme (e.g. one-off short term or freelance ad-hoc work opportunity )

Informal internship means it will not be part of the official internship programme. There will be no faculty supervisor monitoring and no academic units awarded to the student. There is also no time frame set for informal internship. The internship agreement is therefore strictly between the organisation and the student who applies. Companies may sometimes find that there are fewer interests from students under the informal route as internship timings that are outside of the official period may clash with their class schedule and without accreditation. However, it is still worth a try if you are unable to wait for the annual official internship programme in May-Aug.

Additionally, this option may also be advertised to graduating students looking to intern in view of a full-time position offer after the internship period. Do let us know if this is the case and we will expand our email base to graduating students.

Informal internship opportunities are posted on our blog on a monthly basis.  A call-out is then made to our 3rd and 4th-year students notifying them of any new postings.  For reference, you can visit other postings here.

If you are interested in this route, please download this form for filling up and forward it to:

Suggested timing for informal internships

Students’ longest holiday period is normally between Mid May – Mid August (approx. 3 months). This is the period when it’s best to organize your internship as students will be able to take on internship responsibilities without interfering with their study term. The next best timing would be between Mid Nov – Mid January (approx. 2 months). Any other timings outside of these holiday period may interfere with the students’ class schedule. Part-time or half days basis internship could perhaps be arranged between the organization and the students themselves in this case.