Information for Students

Update – JAN 2020

AY2020 internship dates confirmed: 11th May – 18th July 2020

Internship registration process: See email sent by Ms Lim Seok Kuan Jenny on the 15 January 2020.

Internship briefing date for Sem 2: 6th Feb 2020 – See email sent by Ms Angeline Yam on the 17 January 2020.

ADM 10 weeks compulsory internship

All 3rd year ADM students must undergo a compulsory 10 weeks internship at the end of their third year, in the second semester. The internship commitment period will run from May – July during the school break. The exact starting date varies from year to year but is typically around mid May (week 17).  The exact starting date will be confirmed again in due time.

The internship programme is a compulsory core module – Professional Attachment. Upon successful completion of the 10 weeks internship, students will be awarded 5 AU as part of their course.

Grading: Pass or fail, no letter grade and not counted towards CGPA (cumulative graded point average)

Other activities should not interfere with the internship programme

Students who are considering doing an overseas study exchange in their third year are advised to do so ONLY in the first semester in order not to interfere with the internship programme. All other activities that interfere with the internship period should be reconsidered and discussed with the school, otherwise you will not be able to complete your internship and graduate in due time.

Not all internships done at any time are eligible for credits

It is important to take note that only internships taken up in the third year of the second semester are eligible as part of the ADM internship programme which will be awarded the 5 AUs upon completion.  All other internships taken up outside of the official internship period at your own initiative cannot be acknowledged nor given the AUs.  Please check with internship coordinator – if unsure or see the FAQ section.

Internship briefings and application procedures

Internship briefings will be held usually in August and in January. Please keep a lookout for emails notifying you of the briefing dates for advice and guidance on the internship programme.

In the second semester of your third year, typically in the first two weeks of the term in January,  Career and Attachment Office will notify all third-year students via email of the online application procedure. If you have not received this notification by February, please get in touch with Ms. Jenny Lim at

Check out the internship timeline section for an overview of the ADM internship procedure.

Students can decide from the following 2 options when going on internship.

Option 1 – Utilizing the ADM database of participating companies

All students who are enrolled for the internship programme will have access to a compiled database of participating companies that are already signed on to the programme and are looking to provide internship positions to ADM students. These participating organizations will be interviewing and selecting students from the applications to ensure a good fit and to ensure that the programme will be of value to both the supervisor and the interns. Students may apply to more than one organization and can decide who to accept should they receive multiple offers. The participating companies list is usually available to view around early February in the second semester of the third year. Companies enrolled in this database will vary from year to year.

Option 2  – Self-sourced internship

For those who prefer to intern for a particular company that they already have in mind that may not necessarily be on the ADM database may take up the self-sourced internship route. Students who go down this route will typically approach the company they want to intern for directly. Upon successful acceptance by the company, students will then have to assist the company to fill in the necessary paperwork so that ADM can process the company into the official programme for the student as part of their degree programme.  You will have to fill in these Self-source form and then email it to Ms. Jenny Lim at for verification. The forms will then be processed by the school. As soon as the internship is approved and acknowledged for credit-bearing, you will be notified.  Self-source internship are being reviewed on a rolling basis as the forms are being submitted. Please allow us up to one week for the outcome otherwise, please email Ms Jenny Lim to inquire again.

Please note that self-sourced internships without the approval or acknowledgment from the Career Attachment Office are not eligible for credits. DO NOT start your self-source internship without the approval of the school.

Criteria for self-source company approval

  • Job scope must be of art, design and media related
  • Company must provide a minimum of 10 weeks placement time for student ideally aligning with the official internship dates.
    (AY2020 11th May – 18th July 2020)
  • One-man show start up companies are discouraged as you will not be able to learn the soft skills of communicating with other colleagues
  • Family affiliated business/organizations are discouraged due to conflict of interest
  • Recommended allowance is between $800 – $1000 per month although the final amount is dependent on mutual agreement between you and the company. If there are no allowances are indicated or allowances are lower than the indicated recommended amount, student will be inquired on whether it is a mutual agreement. If the company offers an amount that is higher than $1000, you are free to accept and declare on the self-source form too. This recommended allowance is simply a guide for students and companies to make decisions on allowances payment.

Extension of self-source deadline: The deadline for self-sourced internship form submission is on the last day of March, do start your self-sourcing as early as you can as companies may take a while to respond to your inquiry and application.  Exceptions may be given under certain circumstances. Please get in touch with the ADM internship coordinator ( You will be asked to provide valid reasoning and justifications details for a deadline extension.

Application timeline

Check out the internship timeline section for an overview of the application procedure. Please review it carefully for your time management and portfolio preparation consideration.

Assessment and Supervision

  • Each student will be supervised by an ADM faculty, over and above the organization supervisor. The faculty supervisor will act as a mentor as well as a contact point for the organization.
  • The ADM internship programme is a “passed/failed” subject and no letter grade will be awarded
  • Students will be assessed on the following:– 3 online reflective e-journals assessment by ADM faculty (submitted on week 3,6 and 10)
    • A mid-attachment review assessment by organization supervisor and ADM faculty
    • Assessment of Work in organization by organization supervisor

Leave During Internship

In general, leave will not be granted for vacation, religious camps,  work and travel. If the student applies for any leave of absence and is approved, be prepared to extend the internship to cover a leave of absence.  Leave application form is to be sent to Career and Attachment Office (CAO) for processing, CAO will consult the organization for decision.

Important notes

Do not enter any kind of agreement and contract with the organization, unless you are very sure that there will not be any conflict of interest; if unsure, check with Career and Attachment Office (CAO). Upon mutual agreement of an allowance, you are advised not to further re-negotiate, but you may accept any increase or bonus given to you.  Sometimes, you may also be asked to sign non-disclosure if the work is confidential.