Information for ADM Faculty

Faculty plays an important part in students’ internship welfare.  Faculty may participate by introducing industry contact for internship opportunities for ADM students. Faculty may also facilitate mentorship for students many whom are stepping into the industry for the first time experiencing fast paced learning outside of classroom and learning to deal with various interpersonal skills. Below are some FAQ from faculty regarding the ADM internship programme.

Q: I would like to get an understanding of how the ADM internship programme works so that I may discuss the prospects of internship collaboration with my network of contacts.

Please check out link > Information for companies

Q: I have an industry contact whom I would like to put in touch with for an internship opportunity for our students. What are the procedures like?

You can put forward your contact to the ADM internship coordinator Angeline Yam @ If you wished to be kept in the correspondence loop and also mentor potential students on the internship, please indicate so.

You can also use this link to submit your recommendation. The Career and Attachment office will then follow-up to establish contact. If you wished to be kept in the correspondence loop and also mentor potential students on the internship, please indicate in the comments field.

Q: I have been allocated to mentor students going on internship. What do I have to do?

  • Touch base with students so that they are aware you are the designated internship mentor
  • Provide moral support and mentorship for students when the need arises
  • Sending a mid-progress email check to the organization to ensure student performance is going well (or not!) and how you might have intervene.
  • Reading and checking 3 reflective online e-journals submitted by students over a 10 weeks period.
  • Provide final grades and feedback on their reflective journals
  • Act as a mediation contact point for both student and organization should the need arises

Q:  I am not in Singapore during the summer period. How can I mentor the students?

Supervising and mentorship can be done via an online platform (InPlace portal). It can be done remotely from your work station anywhere throughout the 10 weeks no matter where you may be ! Care has been taken to ensure that the online platform supports both Mac + PC and across most versions of operating system.

Communication between students and the organisation they are interning for is typically done through email correspondences, skype or phone calls. On the very rare occasion, company visits might be involved but this is unusual unless there are major issues arising from the internship.