November 2017 Internship briefing

On the 16th November 2017, ADM had its annual internship briefing for all third year students who are considering to take up the ADM internship between May-July 2018.  Animation senior, Helen See was invited to share her internship journey with  3rd year students who are considering to take on an internship. Representatives from the Career and Attachment Office were also present to brief ADM students on what to expect for an ADM internship and application procedure.

Student Speaker

Helen see, a final year student from Animation shared with everyone her 2017 ADM internship experience with Koei Tecmo – Japanese game development company as a Computer Graphics Animator.  Helen made use of the ADM database of companies and landed a stint with  Koei Tecmo after a few interviews. She shared with everyone her thoughts as well as dilemma on how best to go about selecting suitable companies to intern for.  She also took everyone through her internship journey starting from the interview process right up to the end of a 10 weeks internship commitment period. At the end of the briefing sessions, students had the opportunity to speak to Helen face to face seeking real-time internship advice !

Helen sharing the different perspectives of looking at internship opportunities. Tunnel Vision Spotting vs Open to All Options !


Helen introducing the people she met while on her internship sting with Koei Tecmo. Some are apparently seniors from ADM who worked there after graduation!


3rd year students speaking to Helen(far right) after the briefing session for advice and tips regarding the internship journey !


NTU Career and Attachment Office (CAO)

The NTU Career and Attachment office (CAO) representatives were also present to take the students through the internship application procedure and preparation works. They outlined some important deadlines as well as step-by-step instructions on how to go about registering for the internship online, things to take note of during internship as well as issues regarding overseas internship.


Ms Pfeiffer Chung from NTU Career and Attachment Office briefing students on the details of an ADM internship – registration and preparation procedures.


Mr Desmond Woo, also from the Career and Attachment Office advising students on issues regarding overseas internship


Ms Pfeiffer Chung continues to advise on a one-to-one basis after the briefing session.


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Note: There will be an upcoming briefing in January 2018 for those who missed it, watch out for email notification ! New briefing materials will be covered, for those who attended back in November 2017 you are encouraged to attend the session again ! Refreshments will be provided once more ! 🙂

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