Why AI for Humanity?

Fellow students, teachers, citizens, and all who are concerned or curious about the human impact and ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence, we invite you to participate in a conversation, indeed a community in the making. “AI for Humanity” – this is a huge and complex topic, even for the “experts”. There are so many questions, our collective wisdom has to be drawn from many sources, including your experiences and perspectives. Let’s first wrestle with a fundamental question: Why? – Why “AI for Humanity”? If we all begin to see what’s at stake, then we can work towards a better understanding of the issues – which are as urgent as interrelated global challenges such as climate change and social inclusion. And if your curiosity is further roused, join us in co-creating an interdisciplinary curriculum – the kind of course that you would find irresistible! Join us, too, in stimulating wider and deeper public discussion on AI as an ethical means to fulfil ethical ends. This initiative combines the best practices of Community-Based Participatory Research and Citizen Science: AI affects everyone and is too important to be left only to the experts!

For our perspective on Why AI for Humanity? The Future in Our Hands see our project statement. We propose an open source curriculum and learning resources to promote a better understanding of the impact of AI on humanity and the planet.

The Project Team