ARCH Alumni


Dr Priya Lall, DPhil, MA, BA (Research Fellow; Spring 2017)
Dr Priya Lall has years of experience working in the fields of intervention evaluation, gender and social development. She has spearheaded mixed methods and qualitative research projects examining social determinants of HIV transmission and access to healthcare in Asia. She hopes to use her research to empower individuals belonging to vulnerable communities to improve their health outcomes.
Areas of Expertise: Statistics, qualitative methods of evaluation, qualitative and systematic literature reviews & evidence synthesis
Mr. Wong Lok Hang, MPH, BSc (Research Associate; Spring 2017)
Mr. Wong Lok Hang holds a Master Degree in Public Health and a Bachelor Degree in Food and Human Nutrition. He has strong experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, and has worked with various vulnerable population groups including breast cancer patients and young adolescents. He aspires to contribute and explore in the area of public health, human health behaviors and nutrition.
Primary Research Project: An Evaluation of the National Advance Care Planning Programme
Ms. Natalie Kang, BA (Project Officer; Summer 2018)
Ms. Natalie Kang recently graduated with a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Psychology from NTU, and has conducted studies exploring the effects of mindfulness interventions on the wellbeing of students and healthcare professionals. She has also assisted in research exploring the areas of mental health, child wellbeing, elder learning, arts and community health. She is interested in research that explore and evaluate interventions that seek to promote greater psychosocial and emotional wellbeing in individuals.
Previous Research Projects:

  • Project ARTISAN: Fostering aspiration and resilience through intergenerational storytelling and art-based narratives; and
  • An Evaluation of the National Advance Care Planning Programme
Ms. Casuarine Low Xinyi, MSc, BSc (Research Associate; Summer 2020)
Ms. Casuarine Low graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Hons.) specialising in Biomedical Science, sparking her interest in research. After multiple years of experience working with cognitively impaired patients and caregivers, she found her passion in working with the elderly population and was inspired by the notion of holistic healthcare. This passion had cumulated into a Master of Science in Applied Gerontology from Nanyang Technological University, complementing her years of knowledge and skill-set for working with patients. The privilege of working with terminally-ill patients and their caregivers in her current stint as a gerontologist has further strengthened her resolve towards the development and enhancement of holistic healthcare services in Singapore.
Previous Research Projects:

  • Development and Evaluation of a Novel Narrative E-Writing Intervention (NeW-I) for Parents of Children with Life-Limiting Illness;
  • Non-Palliative Care Professionals Caring for End-of-Life Patients: A Lived Experience Study; and
  • A Multicentre Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Family Dignity Intervention (FDI) for Asian Palliative Care