The Photographer

Asst Prof Goh Geok Yian

Assistant Professor
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Phone: (+65)65138163
Office: HSS-03-31

PhD (History) University of Hawaii, Manoa 2007
MA (History) University of Hawaii, Manoa 2002
BA (Southeast Asian Studies) (Hons) National University of Singapore 1995

Assistant Professor Goh Geok Yian joined the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at NTU in January 2008. She received her Bachelor degree with Honours in Southeast Asian Studies from NUS, and her Master and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of History, University of Hawai`i in Manoa. Her research interests include archaeology and early history of Southeast Asia, with particular focus on Burma and Southeast Asian mainland, world history and civilizations, classical and modern Burmese literature, and early communication, cultural, and trade networks between regions particularly those of Southeast Asia with the Indian Ocean and South China Sea regions.
Research Interests
Assistant Professor Goh Geok Yian’s areas of expertise are: early history of Burma and Southeast Asia, modern Southeast Asian history, China-Southeast Asia relations, early Buddhist networks in mainland and island Southeast Asia, and Burmese historical chronicles and novels. Her current research focuses on the study of Buddhist architecture and mural paintings of Bagan, a medieval Burmese kingdom. Her other research work includes the study of early urbanization and cities in Burma, particularly on comparison made with other contemporary Southeast Asian polities and the applicability of theoretical models. She is also working on an English translation of a 20th-century Burmese novel by a well-known author, Ma Sandar.



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