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Do It (Tomorrow)
Developed by Adylitica Inc


The famous task management apps for procrastinators. Do it (Tomorrow) is a lightweight, simple and beautifully designed apps. There’s no fancy stuff like tags, categories, deadline, etc, just a two simple pane that lists your to-do stuff for today and tomorrow. Can’t finish a task today? with a single tap, you can move the task to be done tomorrow! The apps will automatically move unfinished today’s task to tomorrow’s task list for you as well.


  • It is free!
  • Simple and very intuitive. Everybody can start using it right away.
  • Your data can be cloud sync-ed and viewed across different platform. All you need to do is sign up for an account.
  • The elegant overall design of the app. (Look at that gorgeous font!)


  • Limited functionalities (no reminders or date)
  • No customization
  • You can only view tasks for today and tomorrow

Available platforms: Android, Ipad, Iphone, HTML5 Site. (Click here to view HTML5 version)


Everyday Notes
Developed by Adylitica Inc


Brought by the same people that gave us Do It (Tomorrow), Everyday Notes is like the more advanced version of Do It (Tomorrow). It lets you create tasks and add the time or extra details to the task. This app also provides weekly view, where you can view all of your tasks for that particular week. You can also attach a picture to a task!


  • Free and paid version available
  • Very pretty design!
  • Simple and hassle-free.


  • No customization
  • Not sync-ed with Do It Tomorrow
  • No reminders or calendar views

Available Platforms: iPad and iPhone. (Click here to view the App page in iTunes)


Developed by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein


For those who watched “The Social Network”, you will be familiar with the first name. This app is developed by facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and engineer Justin Rosenstein. Presented in monochromatic theme, Asana is a great task management app for small to medium team. You can set milestone, put tags to your task, add subtasks, assign task to somebody else and even attach files to tasks. The simple design makes it look very “business-like” and easy on the eye too!


  • No download needed! Just sign up for an account and you’re all set (for HTML5 Site).
  • Free up to 30 members.
  • Useful especially if you have many projects going on
  • Search functions available!
  • Professional-looking and simple design
  • Keyboard shortcuts to do various things like add new task, etc
  • Real-time update. (Just like google docs!)


  • No offline mode available. You have to be connected to internet to use Asana
  • No alerts available. Although the app will send you emails to remind you of today’s task.
  • No customization available.
  • It gets slower as you add more and more tasks.

Available Platforms: HTML5 Site, Iphone App. (Click here to view the HTML5 version)


Developed by Fog Creek Software


Trello, like Asana, is a fun collaborative project management app. While Asana have lists and milestones, Trello has “Cards” and “Boards”. You can put tasks (referred to as cards) on a boards, similar to how you would attach a post-it notes on a board in real life. You can also attach files, add checklists, categorize, assign task to somebody else and view the discussions about the tasks. The visual design makes it really easy to know the progress and what’s going on in a glance.


  • Great for visual thinkers
  • Search function
  • Easy to use with Intuitive and Responsive Design
  • Realtime Update
  • Keyboard shortcuts available
  • Privacy/visibility option for each boards. You can set them to public or private or visible to certain people only.


  • No Customization available
  • Limited labelling/category
  • Due to the design style, the whole UI might seem cluttered if there are many tasks going on.

Available Platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows 8 Phone, HTML5 Site. (Click here to view the HTML5 version)