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I used to like picnik, an online picture / photo editor tool until Google acquired and put them with Google+. And thus begin my quest to search for free online photo editors that require no download, installation or creation of login account. In other words, it got to be fuss free and fun. Here’s my personal TOP 5 favourite free online photo editors.


Picmonkey is created by EX-Picnik staffers so it retains that look-and-feel of picnik which makes it easy for an EX-Picnik user like me. The down-side of picmonkey is the nicer and fancier features like nip tuck, Mascara, floral overlays, frames are available only with upgrade which costs US$4.99/month or US$33/year. It is ADs free, and allows sharing via facebook, twitter, p-interest and email. You can also create collage with numerous free frames for choice.


ipiccy is yet another easy-to-use tool which contains most of the features offered by Picmonkey for FREE. It provides an additional convenience for you to use image via a web URL, your webcam or your Flickr account without having to upload the image. ipiccy is my top pick because you can set transparent background and even extract a portion of an image from an image by vectorizing the desired image. You can do layers and the functionality is really simple. You need to set “Enable Local storage” to upload and edit multiple images, e.g. layering 2 different images together. It too can be used for collage making with interesting zip-zap patterns.

Source : Extract photo object with Ipiccy online photo editor by ionlift


Pizap is another tool with similar features like collage making, photo-editing. The cool thing about Pizap is that is has pre-defined design frames that can be used for specific applications e.g. facebook timeline. Images can be uploaded from your local folder or link via Facebook or by using the webcam. It allows editing of multiple images simultaneously. You can also do cut-out of image from an existing image using Pizap by “painting” your required area. However, I feel that that their frames and designs are a little too simple and not as attractive as ipiccy’s.


Pixlr is a more advanced photo editor tool like your Adobe photoshop that has nearly all the advanced complicated features for the advanced users, specifically for the different types of filter effects. It mirrors closely to photoshop and can be a good “substitute” tool for those who are avid photoshop user who at times might need a quick editing and not having access to their photoshop. Click here to see a good demo video on getting started with

Below is a screen capture of the start-up page.

pixlr screen1

There is also a mobile version of the Pixlr known as Pixlr Express Mobile. You can download it from Google Play Store or iTunes.

Below are some screenshot from the app version.


It is more of a collage tool rather than an art editing tool. The frames are limited but are well-designed and comes with unique designs like hand-sketching, heart-shaped frame, etc. Do note that some of their settings are only available for use for registered users e.g. the “I LOVE YOU” frame. Registration is free. Created collages are shareable via facebook too.

[ Image from mikey blue eyes ]