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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It was designed to “show selected data”. With RSS, you will be able to obtain content updates from blogs or websites without having to visit them. Through a RSS reader, summaries of content can be gathered from different web sources (that you subscribed to) and sorted and read in one place.

This tutorial show how to use your Microsoft Outlook 2010 as a RSS reader.

1. Click on the “File > Info” and select “Account Settings”



2. Navigate to “RSS Feeds” tab and click “New”



3. Locate the RSS icon in the blog or website that your would like to subscribe to. Right click and copy the URL.



4. Enter the copied URL.



5. Click on the “Add” button. The below “RSS Feed Options” dialog box will appear. Change the “Delivery Location” by clicking the “Change Folder” button. Click “OK” to confirm the changes.



6.  Navigate to “RSS feeds” on the side panel and you should see the folder that contains the RSS feeds from the subscribed blog or website. You may then choose which article to read and navigate to the blog or website.


Below is a YouTube video to demonstrate the above steps.