Kathryn Greenhill from Curtin University and Molly Tebo from State Library of Western Australia together with a group of librarians across two different workshops shared how easy it is for us to create a video – #seenandheard and mash the different components together.

They also shared some tips on what you should take note when doing your video :-

1. Do a trial run first before planning

2. Do selfie by taking photo from top. Position yourself to the side rather than centre.  


Selfie from top down


Selfie from front

3. Lighting should come in front of you. Morning and cloud light is good. 

image image
With lighting No Light

4. Place a piece of white paper in front of yourself to remove shadows on your face.   

image image
No Paper Use Paper

5. Do not use laptop screen as your lighting and keep your screen clean by wiping the lens.

6. Choose plain background rather than a cluttered space.  


Clean background


Cluttered background

7. Check sounds before you start recording. 

8. Find a nice quiet space or use USB microphone to help sift out background noise.

9. Pause before and after filming for editing.  

10. Speak slower than you usually does. 

11. Plan and script of what you want to say but don’t read it.

12. Blink your eyes.  

13. Look at the camera and not the screen when filming.

Try it out yourself. It really makes a difference.

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