Image gallery display enables posts to look more interesting, as compared to the usual listing display.

To display images in gallery form:

  1. Go to ‘Add New Post’ and click on ‘Add Media’ button located on the top left of the blog.

  2. gallery1

  3. On the sidebar menu, click on ‘Create Gallery’.

  4. gallery2

  5. Select the images to add into the gallery display. Click on ‘Create a new gallery’ to create the gallery.

  6. gallery3

  7. Different gallery display options are available on the right sidebar. You may explore and play around with these options. In addition, captions for images can be inserted here. Click on ‘Insert to Post’ after the selection is done.

  8. gallery4

  9. Publish the post to view it on the blog.

Different gallery displays are listed below for reference purposes.

Square Tiles Gallery

Circle Gallery

Thumbnail Grid Gallery

Tiled Mosaic Gallery

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