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Saw this sign at a cafe over the weekend. I felt this gesture from the cafe was really thoughtful. Too often, we are so busy looking at our phones and “staying connected” to our digital life in expense to our real life. I still recall a dinner setting where a friend commented why I didn’t respond to another friend’s wedding invite. I asked “did she email or send an SMS or post us an invitation card?” This friend picked up her phone, punched some buttons and looked at me “I watsapp-ed you the link to her Facebook invite. Do RSVP.” * FAINT * I thought I was physical in front of her!!

Below video on “Forget your phone” from TechCrunch seem so adaptive to above scenario. It shows a woman who forgot her phone and reflects how the others who had the phone are behaving in contrast to her. Well, at least to me, I felt it is like a hard knock into my face and I am definitely guilty of spending too much time on my phone and behaving like the rest of the people in the video. ^^;;) Maybe we should start living and enjoying the moment instead of busy capturing the moment.

I hope you are not a phone-addict.

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