Facebook launched Instagram video 5 months after twitter‘s Vine. Instagram video felt like a replicate of Vine. It might be a strategic move from facebook to keep her instagram’s followers from moving to Vine. A snip comparison of the 2 apps by TechCrunch‘s Jordan Crook (with updates in red by me) below :-


Well, whether it is a Vine over Instagram or Instagram over Vine. I would believe it still boils down to users preferences rather than a A VS B product superiority. For example, I enjoy instagram editing and anti-shake functionality, but the double in the video length wasn’t much of an influence. My next wish for both apps though is for voice-over so we can incorporate better audio with the video. My walk-around now is by muting the phone before filming. Though both apps are extremely easy to use, to create a good video, I think it still needs a little bit of practice, storyboard planning and try and error. A colleague shared a good tip on using the speed check by silently verbalising “One thousand and one” to help indicate the required time for stop motion between the different frames in a filming so that your video doesn’t get too jerky.

No matter who’s the winner, companies are happy to jump in and use another platform to promote their brand.

Image Credit : Viralblog

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