Vine VS Instagram

Vine VS Instagram

Facebook launched Instagram video 5 months after twitter‘s Vine. Instagram video felt like a replicate of Vine. It might be a strategic move from facebook to keep her instagram’s followers from moving to Vine. A snip comparison of the 2 apps by TechCrunch‘s Jordan Crook (with updates in red by me) below :-


Well, whether it is a Vine over Instagram or Instagram over Vine. I would believe it still boils down to users preferences rather than a A VS B product superiority. For example, I enjoy instagram editing and anti-shake functionality, but the double in the video length wasn’t much of an influence. My next wish for both apps though is for voice-over so we can incorporate better audio with the video. My walk-around now is by muting the phone before filming. Though both apps are extremely easy to use, to create a good video, I think it still needs a little bit of practice, storyboard planning and try and error. A colleague shared a good tip on using the speed check by silently verbalising “One thousand and one” to help indicate the required time for stop motion between the different frames in a filming so that your video doesn’t get too jerky.

No matter who’s the winner, companies are happy to jump in and use another platform to promote their brand.

Image Credit : Viralblog


  1. I prefer Vine as it allows to film short clips and the plus point about Vine is it can loop! Take that, Instagram!

  2. From the comparion between Instagram and Vine i prefer using Instagram because it hava much excellence than vine.
    then Instagram can support other media and it can make easier the user to share social media that they want.
    Anyway thank your for the comparison between Instagram and Vine.

  3. thanx for this information.
    instagram or vine, I think each has its own advantages

  4. I’ve put on instagram, I think instagram is more fun to use. from the above comparison, I think the vine also be taken into account because a lot of advantages compared to instagram. But I have not used the vine, I would consider starting to use vine.

  5. I am using Instagram, I actually just made my account and recently learned from the vine, but I have many friends who are on the vine.

  6. I prefer Instagram since it already famous and many celebs have account there


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