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I tried a good number of task managing apps and some are pretty awesome project tracking tools, which unfortunately weren’t able to tie me very long to it. The app just couldn’t “sustain” me or should I said I couldn’t “sustain” managing my tasks with the app. Sometimes the supposedly good features can be crumb-some to set for each task and when my set reminders became haunting nightmares; or projects task kept “unfinished” due to external delays.

I stumbled upon Workflowy, an extreme simple app which seems to only do the basic but yet suffix. I am in the third month of using workflowy app and I must say I love every moment. The tasks listing functionality of the Workflowy app also makes if extremely adaptive to be used with the bullet journaling method of handing your tasks which was recommended by a friend. This method of putting your tasks in months, then tasks, sub tasks might sounds really time consuming and laborious having to list and rewrite uncompleted tasks to move to preceding month since Workflowy allows me to easily shift and copy tasks around. There is a trick to it in case you are looking for the move button. I added a note e.g. Move to the tasks I want to move and then do a search. The results list will only show items with the word “Move”. Thereafter I will export out these items and pasted them in the next month following the bullet journal method.

Workflowy “digitalised” bullet journalling. I think they are the prefect match. Sometime the simplest method and tool work best. We don’t need to complicate things.