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To add tables to a post or page:

  1. The table properties can be adjusted by clicking on the respective online table generator. Copy and paste the generated HTML code into the ‘Text’ editor.
  2. Click on ‘Visual’ tab to view and edit the table.


    Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4
    Row:1 Cell:1 Row:1 Cell:2 Row:1 Cell:3 Row:1 Cell:4
    Row:2 Cell:1 Row:2 Cell:2 Row:2 Cell:3 Row:2 Cell:4

    Created with the HTML Table Generator (Text Fixer).

Alternatively, you can also use the Easy Table Plugin to generate your desired table.


This plugin allows you to set the background and border color of the table under “Table Properties” but it is subject to the themes table format. User can also merge or split cells and insert or delete row and column.

College Venue Date
COE LWNL Seminar Room 12 May 2016
COS 20 May 2016
COHASS & NBS HSS Library 21 May 2016